Rogies Premium Pet Foods



Rogies Premium Pet Foods was established in 2017 as a pet food delivery service, that has done everything in-house from the processing to the delivery.

We quickly realised we needed to divide the business model after opening our shop Fur Legged Pantry at Wanneroo Markets.

All our blends, single proteins, cut and bag bones plus our huge range of treats, are all processed by Chad and Simon at our factory in Midland.

Home delivery service of raw meats, blends, bones, and treats will be delivered by Rogies Deliveries but you order from

Ok now technically side out way (phew.)

Package Delivery

Rogies delivers for Fur Legged Pantry to 104 suburbs South and North of the river every Tuesday running up to 3 delivery vans.

Every Thursday we do an exclusive North run from Reid Highway to Alkimos delivering to 62 suburbs.

All orders Tuesday: South and North Run must be in by 12pm Monday

All orders Thursday: North of river run must be in by 12pm Wednesday

Please click on the following  link to   place your orders

Minimum orders are $110 



  1. Place your order via the product order page

  2. You will receive a text message with the amount to be deducted via direct debit from your account

  3. Once payment is made, your order will be delivered the next day.

  4. Minimum delivery is $100 plus $5 to $10 packing and delivery fee pending on your address.

Upon special request, Rogies Deliveries may be able to arrange same-day delivery for our valued clients or different products not on the website.

In these cases please phone Simon on 0457 160 679

All deliveries arrive in a foam box for swap out with previous boxes to make your delivery as seamless as possible.

We look forward to supplying your fur babies with the very best pet tucker on the market and seeing them thrive!

Thanks from Rogies deliveries and the Fur Legged Pantry